Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tabletop Forge Kickstarter Is Live! (G+ Hangout VTT)

Man, there is just so much good stuff going on at Kickstarter these days it's almost ridiculous!  The thing that sets Tabletop Forge away from the rest is that it's a Goggle App to bring virtual tabletop gaming to your Google+ Hangouts interface.  It literally makes your computer your gaming table, with friends from around the world.

I'm kinda partial to it, but then I've been using the beta for months and I've been watching it progress.  It is great now and it's potential is f'n awesome!  I've been running my ACKS campaign on saturday nights using it (another session tonight) and it's been a blast.  I just need to remember it isn't fully compatible with Safari these days (I need to run it with Chrome or Firefox).  Did I mention it's cross platform compatible?  Yep.  Truly amazing.

I've used Klooge (ugh!), Battlegrounds RPG (perhaps better for board games, still a very nice piece of work), Fantasy Grounds (works better with voice added - trying to plug in your own adventure is insanely time consuming), Maptools (never quite wrapped my head around it), ScreenMonkey (ehh), iTabletop (never became that which was promised) and I am sure one or two others that have escaped my quirky memory at the moment.

The only one I've felt comfortable using to GM with?  Tabletop Forge, and that started with an earlier Beta too.

Where was i?  Oh yeah, the Kickstarter for Tabletop Forge.  TTF will be free to use wether you kick in to the kickstarter or you don't, but there are lots of cool things you can get or get to do if you kick into the kickstarter.  Wanna play in a game session run by Tavis Allison of ACKS fame (great DM - he ran a face to face session of 5e play testing that I played in), Gareth Skarka (Far West), Larry Moore (Barebones RPG) and many others?  Here's your chance.

Wanna give it a test ride for yourself.  Head over to the Tabletop Forge Blog and Click the Hangout button.

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