Saturday, January 26, 2019

OSR Christmas - Day 11 - Home Stretch

I feel like I'm apologizing a lot these days but I'd rather keep you all posted. Between recording interviews for the podcast, doctors, physical therapy, lawyers (nothing bad - no legal actions directed at me ;), family related errands and (emergency) uncle duties, I was lucky to keep one blog post and one podcast episode a day going as usual. Emails? Still mostly unread. Packages? Still unmailed. Catching up like planned? Fail. Tomorrow I have literally nothing on my calendar. No interviews, no errands, no docs or other shit.

Alarm is set for 8 AM. Going to get my ass in gear early and dig myself out of backlog. In the meantime on to OSR Christmas Day 11 :)

I do so love OSR Christmas.

As usual, we have some awesome gifts in the OSR Christmas mix. Print books can only be delivered in the US with this gift pool, digital can all be delivered worldwide.

1) 1 Print Copy of Dragon Heresy (Gaming Ballistic) (US Only)

2) 1 PDF Copy of The Midderlands from MonkeyBlood

3) 1 PDF Copy of The White Star Galaxy Edition (James Spahn / Barrel Rider Games)

4) 1 PDF Copy of Heart of Darkness (White Star Adventure/ Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Trading Co.)

5) Undying Orb in Print from Silver Bullett (US Only)

How do you enter for a chance to be gifted? Simply comment on this very post. On Monday, January 28th, 2019 sometime after 6pm Eastern (so comment before), we will randomly determine those to be gifted from the comments received. It really is that simple. Day 2 will have some SIGNED items in the mix...

Note - If you live outside the US and get picked for a Print gift, I will substitute a $5 OneBookShelf Gift Certificate and the print prize will go back in the pool.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Kickstarter - Zorro™: The Roleplaying Game (WEG d6 2e System)

I'm not sure which is drawing my attention more - the fact that Gallant Knight Games has a license to publish a Zorro RPG via Kickstarter or that West End Games has a second edition of its d6 system. Fun times. Fun times indeed.
Zorro, the classic hero of the American Southwest, comes to the tabletop in a full-color, 8.5 x 11 sized book.  
The book will detail the setting of Zorro's adventures in Alta California, as well as providing rules to emulate the swashbuckling, dramatic action of this masked hero of the people.  
Players will be able to work alongside Zorro as part of Zorro's Legion, or even take on the role of the legendary hero! 
The book is being created under license from Zorro Productions, Inc., and has access to over 70 years of Zorro history, artwork, media and research to power it! 
More than an RPG, this book will also contain detailed accounts of Zorro's adventures through media, from his original novel appearances, to blockbuster movies and TV series. While there is more media than a single book can contain, with our partners at ZPI, we've selected the highlights and essentials of Zorro's career, and turned those into scenarios, adventures and more! 
The book will be lavishly illustrated with art culled from the entire history of Zorro. 
Then there is this tidbit:
West End Games is an iconic company in the RPG industry creating classic roleplaying games that powered a wide range of universes and properties! Working with West End Games to utilize the D6 System to power such an iconic hero as Zorro only makes sense! 
To that end, in partnership with Nocturnal Media & West End Games, Gallant Knight Games has been empowered to bring a brand new edition of the classic D6 System to the tabletop! Fully licensed, and the next step in the D6 family, WEG D6 2e updates the D6 System to contemporary advances in game design.  
Throughout the Kickstarter, we'll be previewing the new mechanics (and you can find some previews on our website right now). We'll have more details about the new D6 2e System and its future throughout the campaign!
Yes, the update to the D6 System really has me excited:
Classic D6 System features like:
  • Lots of D6s!
  • Attribute + Skill forming a dice pool
  • Rolls that are totaled against a Target Number (TN)
  • The Wild Die
All still exist and play important roles (and rolls!) in WEG D6 2e. Updates and changes have been made to streamline the game, with some features such as:
  • More Narrative Control
  • Fail Forward mechanics
  • Hero Points!
  • Revisions to the Wild Die
  • Streamlined Skill Lists
Our goal is to produce a ruleset that is intimately familiar, but fresh and exciting! WEG D6 2e has been in playtesting for 6 months, and has logged over 300 hours of play already! We're committed to doing this right. 
And of course, the icing on the cake for me is the first stretch goal:
At $20,000 we unlock an all-new Adventure to be written and included in the book. This will be a 5,000 word adventure, written by industry veteran James Michael Spahn.  
This will be added to the core book for all backers. 
I'm in. Let's see where I see the sweet spot:

Alright. 60 bucks gives you the book in print, the book in PDF and all unlocked PDF stretch goals. That's where I jumped in at.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Last Call - Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition): Maps and Print Run (Kickstarter)

Douglas Cole / Gaming Ballistic is closing the Backerkit phase of the Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition): Maps and Print Run Kickstarter tomorrow. If you are a backer, now is the time to finalize your survey and maybe purchase a custom made shield or two. If you aren't a backer - yet - it isn't too late to place an order via Backerkit - there is a link on the top of the Kickstarter page to do so or go directly to Backerkit here. If I only had the place to display it...
We're coming down to the end now.  
This Friday, on Jan 25, the Backerkit phase of the project will end. What does that mean? 
1) I will lock all orders currently placed, and start the process of charging cards. 
2) For those folks whose cards successfully go through, I will immediately send out the electronic copies of all existing files: Dragon Heresy, Dungeon Grappling, and Hall of Judgment PDFs 
3) I will get to work finalizing the last stages of the 2nd Edition of Lost Hall of Tyr, which mostly involves calculating experience point totals for encounters, a bit more DC conversion, and writing conversion guidelines and some flowcharts to help with Dragon Heresy stuff. 
Then I'll send out the pre-final PDF, and give y'all some time to look at it and comment on any typos and whatnot. When those are fixed, I'll update, send out the final PDF, upload that same new PDF to DriveThru for sale, and place the print order.  
At this time - though we're only about $500 shy of the $6,000 offset goal - it appears that the print copies will be done by short-run digital printing. It'll be a nice run, so no worries. 
There are only ten people who haven't yet filled out their survey, and maybe eight or nine of those have physical product coming, so I must have your information to get you your books. 
So if you're going to do add-ons or get one of those sweet shields, now is the time. If you're not getting anything else . . . now is still the time. 
Thanks! I look forward to finishing up this project for you and getting on to what is shaping up to be an amazingly busy 2019. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM - The Rollercoaster Continues

This has been a beyond belief busy week. So busy that I forgot tonight was a Wednesday Night and we have Tavern Chat in less than two hours. Yes, late notification, I know. If its any consolation, I'm late all around this week.

Tavern Chat is held every Wednesday Night on the Tenkar's Tavern Discord server. Stop on by. You never know who may drop in for some voice chatting ;)

Here's your handy link: https://discord.gg/wMva2Jy

See you in less than two :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server has Added a "Nerd Nutrition" Channel - and its Hopping!

Late this morning, one of the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server "Menches" (its what we call our moderators) messaged me and Pexx ("who does Number Two work for?!?") about the idea of adding a text channel on the server for "out of shape nerds."

Bingo! A new channel was formed. Nerd Nutrition.

Want to talk about nutrition with fellow gamers. Work out routines with fellow nerds? Looking for community support to keep you on the bike and away from the ice cream? This might be the place you've been waiting for.

I'm thrilled by the engagement its seen on its first day :)

I'm about six months into physical therapy for sciatica (both sides) and I could stand to lose a few - well, lots of few - pounds. I purchased a $200 stationary bike 2 weeks ago and just signed Rach and I up with Peloton Digital. Workouts, virtual bike rides, yoga, meditation - maybe you'll see a healthier me at the next convention.

You can use the following link to join the server and get in on the Healthy Chat ;)


Monday, January 21, 2019

OSR Christmas - Awarding the Gifts for Day 10

Here we go with awarding the gifts for Day Ten of OSR Christmas. Let's see who gets what today :)

1) 1 PDF Bundle of Far Away Lands from Dirk Stanley - M Po

2) 1 PDF Copy of The Midderlands from MonkeyBlood - Michael Gross

3) 1 Bundle of OSR Patches from Thad Moore - ships worldwide - Charles Seager

4) 1 PDF Copy of The Class Compendium (James Spahn / Barrel Rider Games) - Clint

5) 1 PDF Copy of Heart of Darkness (White Star Adventure/ Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Trading Co.) - Johnathon R

6) ZWEIHÄNDER Complete Digital Bundle (all 13 digital products) - Peter V. Dell'Orto

If your name is above, email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing. Put "OSR Christmas Gift" in the subject.  If you are receiving a physical gift I'll need a physical shipping address I can forward on (or use myself). If the gift is digital, I will need the email you use with DriveThruRPG. Day Eleven of OSR Christmas should go up tomorrow.

(All comments at The Tavern have to be moderated - approved by an admin - meaning me. The Tavern has become the target of spambots and others and this is the best, if most tedious, way to handle such. I approve comments as fast as I can. I appreciate your patience - Erik)

edit - I'm feeling good this week, which means I'm going through 2 weeks of catch up - I ask for your patience and understanding - Erik

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server - Live Chat Schedule

I'm still playing catchup, as this post probably should have gone up last night. As I post this, the RPG Breakfast Club is LIVE.

Below was kindly prepared by Pexx.

Live Chats:

We currently have 5 weekly chats and Tenkar’s 1:1 interviews (Voice and Text) that everyone is welcome to attend.

[Sunday] RPG Breakfast Club 10:00amEST//9:00amCST//8:00amMT//7:00amPST: The hosts change weekly and it’s never the same conversation. Usually, 3-5 folks from the industry chatting about the hobby. #rpg-breakfast-club

[Monday] The Dungeon Show 10:00pmEST//9:00pmCST//8:00pmMT//7:00pmPST A Live audience (you) with static Host @Carl Heyl (Wild Games Prod) and a special guest being interviewed very much in the style of the Late or Tonight Show on T.V. #the-dungeon-show

[Tuesday] Frog Chat 9:00pmEST//8:00pmCST//7:00pmMT//6:00pmPST: Join your hosts @Badmike & @Zach Glazar (Frog God Games)  from Frog God Games #frog-chat

[Wednesday] Tavern Chat 9:00pmEST//8:00pmCST//7:00pmPST//6:00pmPST: Join your host @tenkar (tavern keeper)  and kick back and relax #tavern-chat

[Friday] RPG Coast to Coast 9:00pmEST//8:00pmCST//7:00pmMT//6:00pmPST  The hosts change weekly and it’s never the same conversation. Usually, 3-5 folks from the industry chatting about the hobby. #rpg-coast-to-coast

 Tenkars Fireside Chats Tenkar interviews someone in the industry on a very personal level. You get to know the person behind the product or service. #live-chat (note - these interviews are shared later on the Tavern Chat podcast)

Immediate schedule:

Breakfast Club Jan 20th The hosts are @Pexx (Tavern Custodian) @LaramieWall (Tavern Mensch) @Heruca (Battlegrounds Games) @Hack & Slash & @Douglas (Gaming Ballistic)

The Dungeon Show Jan 21st Special Guest @Douglas (Gaming Ballistic)

Tenkar’s Fire Side Chats  [Mon Jan 21st 1:00pmEST] @Elfstar

You can use the following link to join the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server:


Tenkar's Tavern is supported by various affiliate programs, including Amazon, RPGNow,
and Humble Bundle as well as Patreon. Your patronage is appreciated and helps keep the
lights on and the taps flowing. Your Humble Bartender, Tenkar

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