Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Lost City of Barakus Returns as a Frog God Kickstarter (no joke)

I have the original from 2004(?) somewhere. Even if it was for 3e, it read of awesome.

Now Frog God is bringing The Lost City of Barakus back, set in their Lost Lands setting.

$40 for the hardcover and PDF, in either S&W or Pathfinder flavors. Wait, it's Frog God, that price can't be right, can it?
For all you Lost Lands fans out there, this one is canon — it interfaces with Stoneheart Valley, Rappan Athuk, and Sword of Air, and represents the next of many ongoing chronicles of the Frog God Games/Necromancer Games home world. A MUST HAVE book for any fan of our material. 
Our base level of funding is small — we wanted to keep the price point down on this. We listened to your feedback from our last few Kickstarters — and we are adding more new material based on stretch goals as detailed below. 
Shit, it's legit ;)

I may need to turn some of the new closet space into game storage. Won't my wife be happy - heh!


  1. This is pretty much Necomancer Games's best product. And it's at a decent price?


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