Thursday, April 3, 2014

International TableTop Day Bundle - Free!

International TableTop Day. Sure, it's a made up hobby, but the sale sales and freebies attached to it are real.

The Free International TableTop Bundle is chock full of quickstarts for various games as well as some premium items, such as:

Dragons of Faerun - just think, the same day I trash The Forgotten Realms, WotC tosses us a free PDF ;)

Firefly Echoes of War: Wedding Planners Cortex Plus - it's Firefly and it's free - do you need more of a reason?

Progenitor - massive Wild Talents setting sourcebook - includes the Wild Talents Essentials rulebook - I've heard enough about Wild Talents on the Happy Jacks podcast to make me interested, and at the high cost of "free", I may as well check it out...

World of Darkness - teen vampire angst - or is that another genre?

Scarred Lands - Termana - a setting book - is less still more?

Plus a shit load of quickstarts.

Don't forget the DCC RPG Rulebook is $4.99 in PDF for a limited time. Click now! Computers are standing by!

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