Monday, March 31, 2014

Expecting Some "April Fools" Tomorrow

Every year some RPG publisher or another tries the old "April Fools" scam.

According to ENWorld, WotC is delaying it's usual Monday Legends & Lore article until tomorrow - April Fool's Day. All they need to do is run one of Monte's early D&D Next articles. You know, the ones promising compatibility to all editions at the same time in the same gaming group ;)

In any case, God willing, I'll hopefully start getting some RPGNow credit out to the winners of the first round of the OSR Superstar Competition in the next day or so. My contractor didnt leave the room my computer is in until 915 tonight - but at least we are seeing progress.

Expect the Grumpy Dwarf to take a pee(k) in The Tavern's scrying pool tomorrow. Who know the vision that may be floating in such waters ;)

1 comment:

  1. If they can't be bothered to mention Dave Trampier's death first thing Monday morning (already too late), that's a bad April Fool's joke right there.


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