Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Wife's Dice Arrived Yesterday - Hopefully We'll Run Some Scarlet Heroes This Weekend

My wife's polyhedral dice set was waiting when I got home from work yesterday (I figured if she was going to be a good sport and try out RPGs, the least I could do is buy her some dice). I went with the larger sized set, as the numbers are easier to read and the different number of sides should be easier to recognize.

Also waiting for me as I got home was my 3 year old niece, who threw herself and me and then was thoroughly distracted by the tube holding "Auntie's Dice". She wouldn't put it down for two hours, then charged my wife and she arrived home with calls of "Aunti! Dice!" I swear the young lady will be playing RPGs before she is 5. I may have to buy her her own set of dice (she already has a set of the spongy dice) as the large polies look to be large enough to avoid being choking hazards.

If all goes well, I'll have my wife rolling dice this weekend. If all goes even better, hopefully the closet being build on the wall behind my desk will be complete by the weekend. My contractor works late, and hitting the computer at 9pm when he is done doesn't leave much time before bed. Besides, the completed closet will make my wife happy, which can only lead to my own happiness ;)

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  1. I've gotten each of my kids their first set of real dice around their 5th birthday. My oldest got a set of goblin green dice I bought from Lou Zocchi at OwlCon a few years back. I bought my wife a set of purple at the same time. It was the last of his inventory that year.

    The other sets I've bought, while not as storied, have all been well used and are much beloved.


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