Friday, April 4, 2014

Solomon Kane for $4.99 - This International TableTop Thing Rocks!

Solomon Kane for $4.99?

I already own the HC and now I'm grabbing the PDF. It's Savage Worlds with all the rules included and the awesome Solomon Kane world setting.

I'd learn the Savage Worlds rules to play in this setting.

Don't forget the FREE TableTop Day Bundle and the DCC RPG also for $4.99 (and 13th Age for $9.99 and Numenera for $9.99)


  1. FYI, Numenera and 13th Age are actually $9.99 at the link. While $4.99 is still just above what I'd normally pay for an ebook, I would give Numenera a chance at that price.

  2. Oh, and once I published my comment, the article refreshed and I see you've updated. Never mind, then. :)

  3. Savage Worlds is a fun system and really easy to get an handle on, and Solomon Kane is a good setting for that system (although, honestly, most everything works with Savage Worlds).


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