Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mini Review - Brave the Labyrinth Issue # 1 (PWYW PDF Zine for LL)

I am going to say this straight out - +Pete Spahn has put together an excellent 'zine for Labyrinth Lord with Brave the Labyrinth. Quality articles (including a dungeon adventure by +Dyson Logos ) for the simple price of Pay What You Want. Heck, you can get it in print for $3.99, which is probably a steal too.

I'm not sure who submitted the map that graces the cover (and appears later in the issue without obstruction) but has the feel of the old TSR 1e adventures. There is no article attached to it, so you get to stock it on your own, which works fine for me.

The spells are interesting. I think Flesh Pocket may be a little overpowered as a 1st level spell, but that's probably because I can imagine the ways my party would use it to torture captives. I do like it tho ;)

There a lot to like here - magic, maps, monster, a character sheet for LL - and even if you only use bits and pieces, the price can't be beat. I'm not sure if September's planned release of Unofficial OSR will hit the high water mark Small Niche Games has set, but I'll certainly try :)

From the blurb:

Brave the Labyrinth is a quarterly fanzine published by Small Niche Games for the Labyrinth Lord™ roleplaying game community. It consists of fan-created material designed to cover all types of Labyrinth Lord™ and Advanced Edition Companion™ gaming.

In this Issue you get:

-Six (6) New Magic Spells

-Three (3) New Monsters

-One (1) Unstocked Dungeon Map

-One (1) NPC Party of Halfling Adventurers

-Five (5) New Magic Items

-One (1) Alternate Character Sheet

-One (1) Adventure (The Screams from Jedder's Hole)

-Articles on using animals as retainers, alternate rations, and a review of the one-page adventure The Burial Mound of Esur the Red

Download Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #1 for FREE!

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  1. Glad you liked it! The map was done by Tim Hartin of Paratime Design. Check out his website for lots of other great old school maps. Thanks for the review!

    Pete Spahn
    Small Niche Games


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