Saturday, July 20, 2013

Prepping for Tonight's DCC Funnel - Sailors on the Starless Sea

It's been nearly a year since I've run a session of the DCC RPG. Last year in was a series of one shots and short arc - I don't think we ever got beyond 1st level.

I'm hoping this group gets to at least 5th in DCC, as I'd really like to see the higher levels in action - more play than just "play theory".

Tonight has the potential to be a first for me in about 20 years - we just might have 8 players. I haven't run a group that large since my college years. Oh, and as it's a funnel, that's 24 PCs! I need to whittle those numbers down fast ;)

I'll be running Sailors on the Starless Sea. I just finished uploading the maps and handouts to Roll20. As this will be a G+ Hangout / Roll2o with video session, we're actually close to hitting the ceiling of 10 participants. Damn! heh

I printed out the crit sheets for the 0 levels and the monsters and we're probably ready to go for tonight's session, with just a quick reread of the adventure so I don't fuck too much up ;)

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