Friday, January 18, 2013

Now For Something Less Serious - How Do You Like Your Dice?

As much as gamers like to talk abou the different RPG Systems they own, dice are usually the one thing everyone wants to show off.

Maybe they bring their 5 pound bag of dice to show off just how many they own.

Or perhaps they break out their original Gamma World 1e set, which never rolled true when they were new and now even the d4 is virtually round.

Some may want to show everyone the elven styled number that no one can read without picking the die up and studying it intently.

Others my swear by (or at) Lou Zocchi and his damn near perfect dice, while others want the smooth Koplow dice.

Me, I have buckets of dice, but I don't bring buckets to the gaming table. I still have those Gamma World dice, the first dice set my parents bought for me that I got with my AD&D 1e books, I have gems and stone and metal, odder sizes than the standard odd sizes, Zocchi dice and have bought my dice by the pound.

Yes, I like dice.

What about you? Dice addict? Recovered addict? Would rather use numbered chits? Use a Dragon Bone?

Tell us about your dice.


  1. Simple sets of Chessex solid colours - no 'gem' dice, no marbled dice - a set for each player and away we go. Boring, but they remind me of the dice that came with my Mentzer sets, so...

  2. Plain, opaque rounded corner d6's in white, black, yellow, red, and blue...buckets of 'em!

  3. Around here, it's "Gamma World" or go home. But don't forget the "bubble gum" version of the d20 that came with Top Secret!

  4. We ain't picky. It's the Chessex Pound 'o Dice in a big homemade pottery bowl.

  5. My daily drivers:


    All my dice (at the time of that pic, I've given a lot of the loaners away):


  6. I have a d20 that my mom and dad got me years ago. Huge sentimental value. The rest are just a bunch of dice.... and it's a big bunch...


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