Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rappan Athuk - Modified Lineup - Unmodified Results

Nope, the party hasn't come across this - yet...

Last night was the weekly AD&D / OSRIC session that is delving into the depths of Rappan Athuk. We were down one of out usual six, so +Gus L joined the party for the night.

Last week I remarked about how the party actually parlayed with the bandits that surrendered, and even let them leave Rappan Athuk with their daggers. Alive I may add.

Last night? The party encountered a group of gnolls, and when the encounter went quickly south, the two surviving gnolls threw down their weapons and surrendered. +gus l 's character apparently doesn't take well to prisoners, and quickly gutted the injured gnoll with his trident and cleaved the other prisoner. The party's response "we tend to do that AFTER we interrogate". Gus also advocated poring oil under a doorway where Giant Ants were waiting on the players. He kills prisoners and advocates killing prisoners - he fits well with the group and has an open invite on Saturday Nights ;)

The other highlight? +Joe D 's return and the party leading him back to the "Slot Room". The party came close to leaving him behind as he put his pennies into the "magical slot machine". End result? 700 XP won on the slots and about 200+ gp burned off. Not a bad trade off ;)

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  1. You can't really expect mercy for dirty Yeenoghou worshipers - especially from a child avatar of Blibdoolpoolp. I mean there's a religious rivalry involved - plus gnolls are the worst. With bandits Percian would have held onto them until there was a holy giant crab about and offered conversion opportunities.


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