Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is There a MMORPG That Effectively Mimics a True RPG Experience? Because the Pathfinder MMO Certainly Isn't It

Is there a MMORPG that is currently out or currently being worked on that replicates the actual experience of tabletop roleplaying?

I can't think of any.

The Pathfinder MMO won't even be replicating the the Pathfinder RPG rules, as the OGL won't allow it. So, it's Pathfinder in name (and possibly setting) only.

Heck, I'll lower the bar. Is the are multiplayer computer RPG that effectively simulates tabletop play?

Inquiring minds want to know ;)


  1. Wizardry Online, maybe. It has potential permadeath, you can fail being resurrected. And free for all PvP. You can't really create things though.

  2. Is this something we're hoping to find? If I want a genuine table top gaming experience, I know where to find it. Even if you're not lucky enough to have a group nearby, finding groups for hangout style gaming online has never been easier.

    I suppose my question is; what will a MMORPG add if it does match the experience of actual play?

  3. Neverwinter Nights I and II comes close, along with a huge modding community and many mods that go so far as to make the game into a near as can be PNP experience with dice rolling and turnbased action.


  4. Not really. Though to turn your question on its head 4th edition D&D is a fair tabletop simulation of an MMO. :)

    Dungeons and Dragons online surprised me with how closely it hews to 3rd edition mechanics. Now is it exact? No. Is it the 'tabletop experience', really? No. But it comes closer than any other MMO I've tried. (Now granted I've never played NWN, but is that an MMO?)


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