Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Hours to Raise Over 100k - Can the Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter Fund Without Corporate Shenanigans?

Lets cut to the chase.

The Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter has over $100k to go with just 10 hours to get there.

That's $10k plus an hour.

I'd say it's safe to assume the vast majority of Pathfinder fanboys and fanatics have already donated more blood than their bodies can support to fund this project.

Not for the MMO.

No, they fund it for the attached loot. Many don't care about the MMO itself. In the off chance this funds, it still doesn't show that the MMO is a legitimate money maker down the line. It just means there are enough Pathfinder fanatics to follow their fellow lemmings off their own financial cliff.

What happens if it looks like the funding is going to be $25k short?

Does Lisa or Ryan pony up the extra to push the project over?

Would anything be more foul or dishonest in the world of Kickstarters?

Well, yeah - this wouldn't be the worst sin committed, but it certainly would be sleazy. I had never thought of Paizo as "sleazy" before this project...


  1. I wouldn't think they'd do that; not because of the sleaziness, but because if they can't even make the kickstarter go, there's no way the MMO will be successful. And I'm more positive about it in theory than you are.

  2. Why would it be sleazy? I'm honestly asking, not sniping.

    If I had pledged to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign that was coming in just short of the goal, having someone top up the funding allows me to get (or have a good chance at getting) the game (or whatever else) that I had thought worth committing my money to. I'd be pretty pleased.

  3. i feel it's sleazy because this Kickstarter's success or failure will, I'm sure, be used to entice further investment from outside sources for the MMO.

    It should have nothing to do with the "perks" and everything to do with "was this a viable kickstarter"?

  4. It's sleazy because if they needed less than $1 million for the project, they should have made it the lower number that they needed. If it doesn't fund, that should mean they don't have the funds to make it go. Pulling a, "Ha, just kidding, we have some spare cash for this," is disingenuous. Is the $1 million a pie-in-the-sky number? MMOs are notoriously expensive to set up, are they actually willing to sink money into a project that will be a money sink to begin with? For such a big project, I'd think they'd have done their homework on all this.

    If it doesn't fund, that means it doesn't have the support it needs. Let it die and make a much less expensive KS for the megadungeon that most are really supporting this for.

  5. They seem to be on-track so far. $928,000 with 7 hours to go.

  6. My understanding is that the MMO is actually already funded by investors. This Kickstarter is just to allow the MMO to be produced faster. The MMO will be made regardless if this Kickstarter fails or succeeds...just without all the perks involved.

    I'd rather see Paizo pony up $25k and have everyone get their stuff than not. However, in the end, if it doesn't succeed then no one has lost money and the MMO is still made.

  7. They hit it, t-minus three hours and goal met.

  8. I don't understand why so many people are (were) just so convinced that Paizo would do that, as opposed to simply restarting the KS over and asking for a lower goal (like $750,000).


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