Sunday, January 13, 2013

You Walk Into a Room and See Nine Were-rats Playing Poker...

This is a scene I can see so perfectly in my head.

My players walk into the back room of a seedy, underland (you know - the lands "under the earth" - where the drow and the duegar play) tavern. In the room they see nine were-rats playing poker with copper coins stacked in front of each player, and a pile of copper coins in the middle.

Without looking up from the game, the dealer says:

"If you want in for the next hand, the buy in is 20 gold worth of coppers."

At which point my players would probably attack, kill the were-rats rats and steal each rat's 2000 coppers.

Ah well, one can always hope they'll talk first AND then kill ;)


  1. Would we get surprise? A free round of attacks isn't to be scoffed at, and that way we wouldn't risk losing money at the table.

    On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that we... some of us... are totally fine with gambling away our loot.

  2. 200 gp for like 600 or 700 xp isnt a bad deal. :)

  3. was reading about dig of city destroyed bu Romans - apparently citizens knew they were dying and many buried 55 bronze coins for some ritual reason - obviously 2000 cp sacred to the rat god

  4. yeah, you got lucky Joe. Drew 444 three times without hitting 666 once.


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