Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sons of Gygax T-Shirts Available for the Next 4 Hours!

This is literally a time limited offer. You have just over 4 hours from the time this post goes live to grab your very own Sons of Gygax T-Shirt.

You know how fast She Who Shall Not Be Named would respond to such a shirt, which is why I suspect the window of availability is so limited. That being said, it could have been available for days and I was just the 6th person to buy a shirt. Somehow, I doubt that.

It would make a great Christmas gift but will not arrive in time for the holidays. You can, however, print out this blog post and stick it in an envelope and let them know what's coming ;)

edit - just to be clear, I'm just adding to the bandwidth - this is not something I'm involved with, except for buying a shirt myself :)

more edit - obvious link -  https://www.gearbubble.com/gygax


  1. Aw, man... These look great, but I don't have the money to spare.

  2. Nope, no tall sizes. I have a long torso.

  3. I'm all over this. Loved the design first time I saw it, but missed out on the first round.

  4. So, Sean Goblin had posted a pic the other day with this as a Rocker patch on a handbag. Everyone went to locate this and only saw the new design which omits the Gygax name. I am on a friendly relation basis with Alex Gygax and have spent some time amongst the demigods Gygax. Alex would love this shirt, If I had more money coming into this holiday I may have just bought him one

    1. let me know before time run out tonight what the missus decides - The Tavern will buy one for Alex, have it delivered to me and forward to you when i get it - will need the proper size if we go this route.

    2. Looks like time was extended? Im down to send a shirt his way, a Alex is not an ogre barbarian like myself, I've reached out to him, hope to hear back shortly.

    3. Alex Gygax wears a medium tee shirt

  5. Love the idea and almost bought in for gifts for my whole gaming group


    $30 shipping for 6 shirts? That's a bit steep, but still a maybe


    A quick search tells me GearBubble has gotten some "not good" reviews of late. Enough to make me pause.

    Ah well. Maybe the Fund will get smart and sell these to fund the memorial? :-) One can hope!

  6. Really cool....except it was set for midnight East Coast Time. Great.

  7. I felt all that pressure from the timer and now it's reset. I'm glad I bought the shirt but feel a bit duped by the marketing/timer.

    Still...A cool shirt is 'hopefully' on its way

  8. I think Charm was cast on me. I tried to resist ordering, but I felt compelled!

  9. Hi everyone,

    I have a company that sells customized apparel and products and we have some new designs that are of interest to D&D fans…the 2 designs mash-up the Sons Of Anarchy logo with D&D founders Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

    These 2 designs are available in T-shirts, Zip Hoodies, mugs and phone cases & are all available for a limited time at the RPG Gear Store by RevoltBPM


    BTW if there is a shirt, hoodie or product for the RPG realm you’d like to own but is not available and you’d like to collaborate on a custom design to be created then I would be more than happy to invest the time and collaborate with you on it’s creation if we can guarantee at least some sales….so feel free to reach out.

    Thanks so much for your time,

  10. I ordered one size up. That made it work both for fit and for length. In spite of the fact that no tall sizes were available, the length of mine is sufficient.


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