Monday, December 19, 2016

OSR Christmas - Day Seven - CE 8 - Polyhedral Dungeon - Color Print + PDF

edit - just spoke with +Jason Paul McCartan - we are going to pick 3 winners and send the gifts them directly to the winners - Woot! - ET

Its Day Seven of OSR Christmas. Before we get to today's festivities, let's find out who is the recipient of yesterday's awesome gift.

I would do a drum roll but that doesn't work so well on a blog post. Oh well.
Charlie Mason - congrats. Email me at tenkarsDOTtavern and we'll get you hooked up.

Now for today's gift. We are giving away the Polyhedral Dungeon (Color Print + PDF). Polyhedral Dungeon is an OSR inspired system that even I grok. Its well written and the rules quickly step aside.
POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON is an ultralight modern take on old school roleplaying. Using the new and simple to use and extend POLYHEDRAL SYSTEM, you can have countless hours of fun delving into dungeons and stealing dragon's hoards.
Features of the game include: 
Create new characters for play in about 5-10 minutes. 
Choose from the classic old school character tropes, but with slight twists. Play classic dungeon crawls with a flexible unified system that’s easy to learn and extend - make up your own content, or use any of the official Expansions, including The Advanced Rules which provides many new options for play, The Book of Monsters which expands and explores the Monsters in the game, The Book of Loot for more complete treasure and loot options, including many unique items, and The Book of Magic, which expands Talents and rules for magical and divine characters. 
Designed for quick pick-up play as well as to handle large groups of players who have little experience in tabletop roleplaying - a perfect beginner’s game and still fun for experts. 
Pocket-sized, so that you can take it wherever you’re going. 
Includes dice printed in the page margins in case you forget your own, or if you need to make a secret roll as the Judge!
Includes a Giant Badger! 
Also includes The Crypts of Bes-Amat, a free adventure showcasing how simple it is to create and run adventures for the game and system, as a separate download. 
The book comes in a fully layered and bookmarked digital version, in both color and grayscale formats. Full sized character sheets are available in both formats too. There is also a downloadable full-sized cover that can be used to make your own print-at-home version!
Comment on this post before 8 AM Eastern Time, December 20th, 2016 to be in the running for $9.99 in an RPGNow Gift Card. Polyhedral Dungeon in Print + PDF is exactly $9.99 (gift receiver is responsible for shipping cost) or use it for other purchases at RPGNow. The choice will be yours Multiple winners and direct shipping - if Santa picks you :)

This prize is available because of readers like you. Your use of The Tavern's affiliate links allows for giveaways like this.

More OSR Christmas

+James Spahn is giving away 12 prizes over 12 days and all you need to do is comment on one blog post. You will need to follow the instructions carefully if you want a chance to be gifted.

Note: You MUST comment on the Halfling's Luck blog. This post it just to let you know where to go.


  1. New Magical Item: Polyhedral Wishes (you roll the die and you get that many wishes)! :)

    Hey Santa - pick me! :D

  2. Congratulations are in order, to Charlie Mason. Congratz! You may also count this as my official entry into today's yuletide sweepstakes :)

  3. Congrats to Charlie Mason, one of the people whose name I recognize from Tavern Chat. Excellent!

  4. I am a giant, looking forward to it. And if you have any material you wish to submit for consideration feel free to call or text me tell you that I have a detailed extraplanar keep with a couple of lesser immortals living there that I could also send you. ALL OF THE ABOVE FROM TAPPING MY MIDDLE RESPONSE

  5. Tosses some dice for good luck.

    Count me in, please.

  6. I like polyhedrals and dungeons, so count me in.

  7. Always fun to check out a new game.

  8. Had my eye on this. Hope this is my lucky day.

  9. I'm interested in checking this out!

  10. For all the good things I've heard about this system, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a copy.

  11. I got to play this at Origins with the creator. Great little osr style game.

  12. Looks interesting, so many good OSR ideas out there!

  13. In again! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  14. Have it, but could use the gift card

  15. Another awesome entry to the prize list...!

  16. Oh, oh,oh. Pick me! Pick me. Love this rule set and want to give a copy to my kids.

  17. Sounds really great! Loving this promotion!

  18. Thank you for doing this! Great item.

  19. Pick me! (I sure hope my google account is working...looks kinda funny this a.m.)

  20. Happy Yalda! Mithras is very OSR.


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