Wednesday, August 31, 2016

GameHole Con Registration opens Saturday, September 3rd

If you plan to attend Gamehole Con in November, registration time is soon approaching.

I can't fit Gamehole into the budget this year, but next year looks promising (all the stories I've heard about Gamehole tell me it's a Con NOT to be missed). If you attend this year, roll some dice for me :)


  1. :( It's the con I will never be able to go to. I work for U-Con which is always within 1-2 weeks after Gamehole...

  2. Ask S&W or Frog God Games if they'll subsidize your con. If my wife isn't giving birth that weekend I'm going to try like Hell to be there and run games! She's practically on bed rest already.

    1. It's the transition from salary to pension right now, so new budgeting needs to stabilize - next year :)


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