Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Guest Poster - R.J. Thompson wants YOU at U-Con this November!

Hi Folks. This is R.J. (Ryan) Thompson.

Most folks here probably best know me for writing the Gamers & Grognards Blog, taking over the running of Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day and/or as the current owner of the Swords & Wizardry Community on G+. Something that you might not know, is that I am also the OSR Event Coordinator for U-Con, a mid size gaming convening in Ypsilanti Michigan. We run in November every year, though the weekend varies. We are pretty close to Gamehole Con every year. This year we are running Nov. 17th-19th. Maybe you can't make Gamehole because it is a bit farther or pricier than you can manage, or maybe you would just prefer to run/play in a smaller, quieter atmosphere. Maybe, you do have the time and funds and want more convention gaming in the fall. Well, we have you covered there. Being that this is an OSR based blog, we also have you covered.

Additionally, if you are fan of Tekumel, we have an extra treat for you. Since U-Con's beginnings on the campus of U of M, we have given a home to a Tekumel specific track and pull Tekumel fans from around the world yearly. In recent years the numbers on this track have dwindled. As OSR Coordinator, I have a historical interest in growing our Tekumel track again.

I always have an interest in growing the OSR track. Last year we boasted more than 60 OSR events, including an annual roundtable panel that is always recorded and hosted on an OSR centric podcast. The first two years of this +Jim Wampler recorded us on Save or Die! Last year we were recorded by Drink, Spin, Run! The panel features the track's guest of honor and other guests. In the past this has included Jim Wampler, Bill Webb, Bill Barsh, Doug Kovacs, Brendan LaSalle and Tim Snider.

This year the OSR Track's Guests will include Doug Kovacs and Brendan LaSalle.

This year we need more GMs. Not just on the OSR and Tekumel Tracks either (though I will gladly take more events on either of those tracks.) We need GMs for Minis Games, Board Games, RPGs... the whole enchilada. So, if you want to run anything, here is a link to my own website, with all of the information that you might need!



  1. Wish i had time to go to all the conventions I would like to. Sadly, this just isn't feasible.

  2. I enjoy smaller cons focused on older versions of the game as well, just wish this one wasnt right after Gamehole Con. Is there a chance next year it might be in a different month? Just curious also about how many attendees make it to this con as well.

  3. I love this con. It always delivers a good time. I'm running two games for the Tekumel Track and one for the OSR.


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