Monday, September 11, 2017

Claiming Authorship to Something that Isn't Yours - Oh, and Wyrms Footnotes Returns!

Ever get that feeling of Deja Vu? Where you know you've seen something before but simply can't place it? Well, I'm feeling that now.

Above is an article from the ENWorld homepage. I'll link to it directly, which ENWorld seems to have an issue doing itself. Note, neither of the links in the above article go to the original article.

So, why does that look familiar?

Right. Exactly. Bet you didn't know it was a copy and paste of Michael O'Brien's original post. No link to the original post either. You MIGHT even think it was an interview conducted by ENWorld.

Same happened with +Frank Mentzer original announcement of his forthcoming KS. ENWorld's article lifted it all from Frank's Facebook post with no links or mention that it was from Facebook. (For Frank's FB feed, see here)

I do like ENWorld for the news they post, but perhaps linking to the actual sources instead of making the illusion that an interview took place would serve the community better.

Note, when I source a press release - or ENWorld or any other site, I show it as a quotation and link to the source. Should I fail to do so, please call my ass out on it.

Oh, and awesome news about Wyrms Footnotes! Can't have too much RuneQuest!


  1. Lazy journalism iz best journalism!

    1. I threw up in my mouth a bit, just thinking about the world "Journalism" and ENWorld in the same breath...

  2. I will be copying this whole blog post and claiming it as my own. I invoke Manifest Destiny

  3. On Frank's announcement, well, I can say it is the official press release as distributed to magazines and news websites, so EN World might be innocent for that...

  4. its pretty common and one site blocked my friend when he complained they stole content and had no links to benefit his product they were hyping - gaming is too small a scene and has too many creatives to do this

  5. Great news about Wyrms Footnotes :)

    In related news if you are a RuneQuest fan...

    With RuneQuest firmly back in Chaosium's hands, they've been able to extend Hearts in Glorantha's fan license so we can cover RQ and when it comes out 13th Age Glorantha. I'm currently putting issue 6 of HiG together and its going to feature at least one RQ2 (or RQ Classic adventure) ... possibly two.

    And if you've not come across Hearts in Glorantha and its sister publication Gloranthan Adventures, check out



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