Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Changes to The Tavern's Patreon and other Funding Goals / Rewards

Well, its been a few weeks in the making but The Tavern has tweaked its funding goals over on The Tavern's Patreon. Currently the Patreon is at $115 a month.

  • At the $100 level, you get a monster for Swords & Wizardry Light once a week, posted at The Tavern - Midweek Monster Mayhem - We are there :)
  • At the $125 level, you get a magic item for Swords & Wizardry Light once a week posted at The Tavern. We are almost there and I've been posting them even though we have been short - Weekend Wonders.
Further goals include:
  • $150 - Compiling the weekly entries into monthly PDFs and emailing copies to all backers at $1.50 or higher
  • $175 - Increase the monsters to twice a week.
  • $200 - That good old OSROnline Con using Discord and Roll20 (and maybe Fantasy Grounds)
  • $225 - Increase the magic items to twice a week.

Additionally, there are other funding goals as The Tavern is also funded in other manners. Each month The Tavern raises $300 or more in RPGNow affiliate monies, I'll write a small adventure for SWL and post it at The Tavern. The Tavern is currently funded at $242 for the month of September.

If the total of all monies raised is $500 or more in a given month (Patreon, RPGNow affiliate, Amazon Affiliate and Adsense) I'll stat out a "drop and play" NPC for SWL, complete with background, motivations and adventure seeds)

I appreciate all of the support The Tavern receives from readers like you. Thank you all.

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