Friday, September 22, 2017

Which Dyson Map Do I Use for the October Adventure Funded by the Tavern's Readers?

I offered to write a Swords & Wizardry Light adventure and post it for free here at The Tavern (and possibly laid out and PWYW on RPGNow)if the monies raised during September via The Tavern's RPGNow affiliate links exceeded $300. Thanks to the community we are currently less than 9 bucks from that goal with 8 days left in the month. So, I'd like to get a head start ;)

I'll be posting four +Dyson Logos maps below. I'd like you, the reader, to pick a map and tell me why you'd like that one written up for October's adventure. Your input will help decide the direction of the adventure.

Comment below!

Pirate's Cave

Serzen's Seven Stairs

Crypt of the Scarlet Wolf 

Hall of the Ancient Ones


  1. I choose Serzen's Seven Stairs. That just looks so cool.

  2. Pirate's Cave. Those stairs on the right hint at further adventures beyond the cave.

  3. Serzen's seven stairs, Because what is a tree doing in a dungeon?

  4. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/211929/Peepee-Soaked-Heckhole?term=mongrel&test_epoch=0

    My favorite Dyson map. Use that one. Takes alot of balls though.

  5. Jason - the "Alberts Prints" map isn't a commercially licensed one, so that's out unless Erik wants to license it.

    Personally I have a love affair with my hand drawn gridding style, so I prefer the Pirate map. But SOMEONE needs to do something cool with Serzen's Seven Stairs because it is such a "crazy fantasy dungeon" style map.

    1. We'd have to "level up" the funding to get to that point. Still, I'd love to pay artists for some original work and not just use stock art. We'd need to be at more that $300 a month for that...

  6. Serzen's Seven Stairs! Reminds me of the Marmorial Tomb map a little.

  7. Crypt of the Scarlet Wolf as I am curious to know what/who the Scarlet Wolf is.

  8. Serzen's Seven Stairs - I think all the maps are good, that one is great especially if it begins by being lowered into the center chamber as a treasure hunting or dungeon raiding expedition.


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