Monday, September 18, 2017

Kickstarter - Tiny Dungeon 2e - Minimalist fantasy roleplaying is back!

If you follow The Tavern with any regularity, you know I like my RPGs with a simple resolution system but plenty of depth. Well, Tiny Dungeon 2e appears to have both in spades.
Tiny Dungeon uses a simple, fast, and dynamic ruleset to handle actions. The game uses up to three six-sided dice as part of action resolution. 
If you roll a "5" or "6" on a die, your check succeeds. Most checks are made with two dice. However, if you are deemed to have "advantage" on a roll, you gain a third die to roll. If you have disadvantage, you lose a dice (rolling only a single die). 
Characters are made quickly and easily. You will select a fantasy race (such as dwarf, salimar, goblin, human or more), three traits, and write down some basic information and you are ready to play!
Even more interesting to me are the included micro-settings. There are 17 such micro-settings included at the moment and I can see myself and others readily ripping them for SWL and other rulesets.

Funding goal was 5k and its currently over 37k with 17 days to go.

PDF is $13,  Print plus PDF is $25.


  1. Wow!

    Erik, thank you so much for the plug. (Alan Bahr here).

  2. As an original backer of the first Tiny Dungeon kickstarter just over 3 years ago in 2014, I would have liked to have known about this before now :( I know I don't keep up to date with all the Kickstarters but I think this would have been a great time to drop an email to the original backers as well just to let them know ;-)

    1. Sadly, we're not Smoking Salamander Games! We bought the ruleset from them and have turned it into TinyD6, a full standalone system.

      I wish we could have.


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