Saturday, August 11, 2018

We've Seen Amazing Growth This Week with Tenkar's Tavern Discord Community - What are You Waiting For? ;)

I was talking with Pexx about The Tavern's Discord Server and we are both really impressed with the growth its seen in the past few weeks, not just with new members but third-party publishers and content creators.

Want some numbers?

In the past week, we've added 45 members to the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server. This puts us OVER 780 members. That is HUGE. We thank you all, old and new. Oh, and the week still has a few hours left ;)

How about third-party publishers? We now have ten with their own channels: Autarch, Barrel Rider Games, Bat in the Attic, Battlegrounds Games, Gaming Ballistic, Hack n Slash, Infinibadger Press, JB Publishing, Kort'thalis Publishing, Saga RPG, and Silver Bulette.

Looking for "content creators?" Gothridge Manor, Mystara, Middle Kingdoms, Megadungeon Games, Tabletop Bellhop, and Uncle Matt's RPG Studio. Phew!

Want to help us grow more? Invite your gaming buddies. Need a link to send them?

Know an old-school publisher, podcaster, blogger, Youtuber or the like that isn't on the above lists? We'd love to add them. Drop me a PM on Discord with their contact info and we'll try and make it happen. Are YOU an old-school publisher, podcaster, blogger, Youtuber or the like that isn't on one of the above lists? What are you waiting for? Email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing and we'll set it all up for you.

Want to take it a step further? Download the Discord Client for Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS or Android. Here's an easy link: tenkars-tavern.games/DiscordApp Just download and install. It can run in the background. It gives you easy access to The Tavern's Community on Discord. Your community. I always have Discord open on my second monitor when I'm working, browsing, watching YouTube or Netflix and sitting at my desk. Because of you. And maybe even that other guy but I can't be sure.

The more folks that are members, the more members logged in at any given moment of time, the more active The Tavern's Community will be, to the benefit of all of us. Maybe if we play our cards right, we can become a Discord Partner with high-end servers for our voice channels and a spiffy link that isn't random letters and numbers :)

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