Friday, August 10, 2018

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode 86 - Is The Punisher Watching the Watchmen?

I just watched The Watchmen - Ultimate Edition. Make it stop. Please, make it stop...
Some thoughts on The Watchmen, the Netflix Marvel Universe - especially The Punisher, Supers Gaming and such.
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  1. Is this the Zack Snyder movie? I thought it was really good and then his movies totally took a shit after he made this. He was on a roll with Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen...

    1. I’m guessing the extra 30 minutes was originally cut for a reason

    2. WATCHMEN is great for the most part, because it's so closely based on Alan Moore's brilliant graphic novel. But the portions that Snyder (or his accomplices) wrote themselves - the ghastly scene with Lee Iacocca and the nonsensical replacement for the "alien" from the original graphic novel - are all the more horrible by comparison. Watching the movie at those points is so jarring it's like the cinematic equivalent of running your car up on the curb.

      If these "bonus scenes" were written by Snyder or his co-conspirators, I'm sure they're equally as atrocious as the "improvements" made to the story in the theatrical version.

  2. Curious, I just finished watching the regular version. I have never seen the ultimate cut, but read the book.

  3. I'm the reverse, having seen the ultimate, but not the theatrical cut. A bit draggy, but I thought it was a good deconstruction of what super-heroics are really all about.


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