Friday, October 13, 2017

State of The Tavern - Let There Be LIGHT! Er, Right. Soon...

Wow. Its been a busy week here at The Tavern. After stepping away from InDesign and moving back to Lucid Press, I finally got Swords & Wizardry Continual Light laid out. Earlier this evening I submitted the PDF file to OneBookShelf. As a still wet behind the ears publisher I have to wait a few days for it to get approved. Just know it's in process and around the corner.

Bad news. I found out that Lucid Press does not imbed fonts to its PDFs which means none of the online POD storefronts will take the file. Boo! So, it looks like I will need to go back to InDesign for the print files. That's okay though, as the pressure is much less ;)

In the meantime, I may simply print out a few dozen copies in digest format. I just ordered a decent paper trimmer on Amazon.

Oh, and before I forget, there is a Slasher Hack for Swords & Wizardry Light that just released by Justin Isaac for the amazing price of FREE! I love finding SWL hacks in the wilderness. You can grab Slashers & Victims Light here.

Midweek Monster Mayhem will go up tomorrow. Yeah, I'm playing catch up...


  1. Love the sample file - please tell us the final has page numbers 😄

  2. I'm getting errors on getting to the dropbox folder for SWL.


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