Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekend Wonders - The Goblin Axe of Araz (Swords & Wizardry Light / OSR)

The Goblin Axe of Araz is a weapon created by the most devious mind of goblin-kind, Araz of the Firenose goblin tribe.

Araz wanted to supply his tribe with a weapon that would instill fear in their Dwarven enemies. As such, he designed a most fearsome axe, its head bolted with seemingly random hooks and barbs. In truth, this is where the danger lies.

While the goblin axe is unbalanced (resulting in a -1 adjustment to all to-hit rolls) its barbs inflict an additional point of damage per hit. Even more dangerous, if the attacker rolls a natural 20 on his / her to hit roll, an additional 1d6 of damage is done due to the hooks and barbs rending flesh.

Any dwarf that views a Goblin Axe of Araz in the hands of an adversary is most likely to choose the wielder as a target, as all dwarves know the intent of a Goblin Axe of Araz.

Art copyright Rick Hershey, Fat Goblin Games. Used with permission.

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