Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mideweek Monster Mayhem - Wicht (SWCL / OSR)

Wichts are related to Wights and Ghouls, with the worst traits of each, simply amplified. Pack hunters, their touch requires a saving throw, failure results in the paralyzation of the victim for 1d6 turns. Wichts stay focused on their paralyzed victims, biting for 1d6 damage automatically each round until their victim dies or the Wicht is destroyed. Damage inflicted by a Wicht's bite heals at the rate of 1 point per week of bedrest. Magical healing works, but only at half its normal effectiveness until all of the bite damage is healed.

AC: 3[16]  5[14] when feeding  HD: 4   Attacks: Claw or Bite (1d6) Move: 12
Special: Paralysis

Art copyright Malcom McClinton

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