Monday, October 23, 2017

Gamer in Need - Stacy Dellorfano Cancer Fight Fund

Let me start this by saying my opinion of Stacy hasn't changed. I still hold a huge grudge against Stacy for her dismissive and belittling comments she made against my wife, Rachel. So, consider this a big step for me.

You see, I'm a cancer survivor. Cancer is the great equalizer. Rich, poor, black, white, whatever your gender, simply "whatever" - it doesn't care. Its probably the scariest thing that can happen to someone, as its a possible death sentence that you have a damn long time to think about every day.

I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Stacy is being hit with all the expenses that go along with a long term illness that health insurance does not cover. Thats a heavy burden when you are fighting for your life.

Link to Stacy's Cancer Fund - link removed at Stacey's request

I'm pledging two days of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light royalties to Stacy's Cancer Fund, today's and tomorrow's sales both on RPGNow and Amazon. If it comes to less than 50 bucks, I'll send her 50 on Wednesday.

You don't need to like everyone in your community to care about everyone in your community.

edit - 10.24.17  1150 AM

The response has been excellent. When I posted this last night, $420 had been raised since Monday morning. It's now over $2,500 and halfway to goal.

14 shares on G plus alone. This community certainly rocks!

Just some further background on me. In my career in law enforcement, fundraisers for cops or their immediately family members for medical expenses beyond health insurance coverage was part of the culture. You gave what you could. Didn't matter if they were your best friend or the asshat you refused to work a single tour in a radio car with. In the end, it was a cop or a cop's family in need and that's all that mattered. Because one day, you too might be in need.

Its probably why I make announcements such as this at The Tavern when I find out about them. Most are folks I don't know personally. Some I didn't know of at all prior to their need.

We are all gamers. This is OUR community. We take care of our own.

Thank you.

edit 10.24.17 306 PM 

Apparently my assistance is not wanted. I will not be donating 50 or more dollars to Stacy's cancer fund AT HER REQUEST. The link to the fund has been removed AT HER REQUEST.

I'm sure it can be found with a simple Google search and I still encourage you to give. Cancer is a horror I wish on no one.

God bless.


  1. Well said. Nice to see this attitude in the sea of hostility and divisiveness that has been floating around much of the community as of late.

  2. Replies
    1. Sure, if our community was a hobo's boxcar...

  3. Seriously, Erik, you know the two of you have a long history, and bringing that history to the forefront when you post this just makes you look creepier. You've successfully chased her out of a community I enjoyed for years, why not just leave her alone instead of making it about you?

    1. I was simply being honest. I don't need to like someone to support them in their time of need. But, assuming our communication via FB was with Stacy's knowledge, I am killing the link to her fundraiser.

      I would have conversed with you further on FB, but was informed you weren't taking messages.

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