Saturday, October 28, 2017

All Castle OldSkull releases (except one) on Sale for 99 Cents Each through Halloween

I'm realizing now that I have gaps in my Castle OldSkull PDF collection. Time to fill the gaps!

Oldskull Adventure Generator - 700+ pages - normally $12.99 - now 99 cents - I actually have this and it is good. For 99 cents? Amazing

The Classic Dungeon Design Guide - almost 400 pages - normally 9.99 - now 99 cents - I don't have this one. Time to grab.

Oldskull Dungeon Generator - damnit! another I don't have - grabbing now

K - I think I need about half the collection.

The full collection can be found at the Castle OldSkull Page at RPGNow

Yep, those are affiliate links. Affiliate links help keep the lights on here at The Tavern and we thank you.


  1. What's annoying is, I just picked up most of his stuff in a previous sale, that wasn't as good as this. Oh well.

  2. Wow, some great stuff there. Somehow I had missed all of the Oldskull releases . . .


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