Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What am I Actually Looking At? Does this Wrestler Have Arms?

The above is the cover for The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game: The Road. I can't speak for the game itself as I never really enjoyed professional wresting but what the fuck is it with this cover?

The left arm seems to be blocked by something in front of it but the right arm and his right side seem to have been disintegrated. Which could be cool if such were a power within the game, but I suspect there is not. And what's with the Gorbachev mark on his forehead?

How will he put his Mexican wrestling mask on without hands? How will he be able to tag in? Inquiring minds want to know...

edit: For Bob ;)


  1. Remember that this supplement "requites" the World Wide Wrestling game.

  2. I had looked at this and thought about checking the game out since I have YET to see a halfway decent wrestling game since the old days of the GWF(Galactic Wrestling Federation w/ Killer Queen & Commander Kraken)
    I nearly gigged my own forehead when I read " New rules for addiction and rehab..."
    "... dealing with Family..."
    "11 more moves...".

    Add that with the GG Alin/Gorby/
    Amputee artwork????

    ::raises my hand three times:: ring the bell, I'm out!

  3. Sounds like it might be influenced by the documentary, Card Subject To Change, which was fascinating journey into this world. Hopefully they sell some copies and have more resources for art down the line. Can't hate too much on a small amateur outing for bad art and some poor editing. Hopefully they will get better and perhaps add someone with design sense.

  4. I've been running a game of WWWRPG for a year now with some online friends. It's a really great game that can be as silly or serious as you want it to be. It is Powered by Apocalypse World and is really fun, but it is a little different with conflict resolution than most games. This game fully embraces the scripted nature of wrestling, while adding ways to "shoot" and add random swerves against booking. Basically, you're not playing a fighter. You're playing a wrestling performer who then plays their gimmick. And you advance not by winning or losing, but putting on a bad ass performance and taking great risks to entertain the audience (which is one of the stats in the game). It's a fun game and I think everyone should give it a whirl, wrestling fan or not.

  5. I think it's meant to be a 'vignette' -- like the image is within an outline (but that outline is partially obscured by the strip at the bottom with the text).

    Why, I have no idea, but that's what I'm seeing.

  6. The two main books for the RPG are the World Wide Wrestling RPG itself and the International Incident, which includes rules that have more information on wrestling promotions that don't originate in the US.

    Nathan did a brilliant job on this RPG. The Road is a rules expansion that explicitly plays with the out of ring, not on the night of the show instances of wrestling life, like going to conventions, riding with other wrestlers between shows, dealing with family members when you go home, and interacting with social media.

    All of these things can cause you to gain or lose momentum or audience, which are important in the parlance of the game. The artwork on the cover of this isn't up to the same quality as those in the two main books, but it was also an add-on to the Kickstarter initially.

    Regardless of how you might feel about the cover art, if you like the main game, the supplement itself has some really worthwhile material for running the game.

    If you aren't the narrative game type of roleplayer, it probably won't appeal to you. If you are, the game is really well conceived and executed, and even has a number of really fascinating essays on the wrestling industry from a lot of different perspectives.

  7. This is the first time I've had a book of mine literally judged by the cover.

  8. " Which could be cool if such were a power within the game, but I suspect there is not."

    You can make custom moves! Feel free to make it! :D


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