Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sell Me on "Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures"

Alright, in truth, you don't need to sell me. +James Spahn already did, and I ordered the 3 books for Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures in hard cover already.

The thing is, I love the idea of a low prep campaign, and this seems to be the OSR flavored RPG to do it.

So, tell me: have you run or played in a Beyond the Wall campaign? Pros? Cons?

Let me know as I scan (with my eyes) the PDF of the core rules in preparation of the books to arrive in print...

Did I mention that the third book in the Beyond the Wall series, Heroes Young and Old, is PWYW? Yes, even the print version, but you do have to cover the cost to print.


  1. http://www.departmentv.net/2014/06/beyond-the-wall/

    I got people who aren't interested in D&D to play, and they loved it. Very fast game setup and immediate buy-in to the characters.

    Superb tools for generating adventures, great magic system.

  2. I ran a PbP game for about a year, and have played a couple tabletop sessions. The great thing about BtW is that it works. You really can create great characters in a few minutes, and have an adventure coming together just a few a minutes after that.

    Some links:
    An interview with the creators: http://abominablefancy.blogspot.com/2014/05/interview-beyond-walls-peter-williams.html
    How the campaign world came together, part 1: http://abominablefancy.blogspot.com/2014/05/setting-herebury-with-locations.html
    How the campaign world came together, part 2: http://abominablefancy.blogspot.com/2015/01/four-villages.html
    And a review that incorporates a lot of play experience: http://abominablefancy.blogspot.com/2015/03/review-further-afield.html

  3. It's a great system, my only real complaint about it is that it uses both roll over and roll under checks, but that's just me.

  4. My playtest review is here:


  5. I will say that the magic system is stellar. Best I've ever seen in a D&D-like game.

  6. I wish I did. I have schemes right now to run a game, and some changes to my Saturday group may make this possible. In the meantime it is the official system (right next to White Box stuff) I like to include in a trip as the "easy to pick up and play" game of choice.

  7. I don't think it can really be called OSR as it evokes a genre and style of play quite far removed from OSR.

    It's brilliant though, with eminent mechanics and dripping with flavour like nothing else.

  8. As soon as I read the game, I went out and bought all the associated PDFs. It reminds me of Apocalypse World where you build your character through narrative and simply rolling some dice and buying gear. The sad thing is, is that I will most likely never get to play.I own too many OSR type games and really just don't have the time. I will suggest it to anyone looking for a really innovative game, want low prep time, and like to have characters with really fleshed out stories.

  9. You're killing me. I just bought the damn core book in print + PDF. I gotta stop coming here before I go bankrupt!

    1. All 3 books arrived in print earlier today. At least you're not alone ;)


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