Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Update - Troll Lords is Running a 99 Cent Sale for Print Adventures - Shipping is Fixed - Run, Don't Walk!

Earlier this afternoon I noticed that Troll Lord Games was running a 99 cent sale on about 40 of their Castles & Crusades adventures. I dropped 27 adventures in my virtual shopping cart and shipping came to over 40 bucks. I was stunned, and posted so.

Well, the shipping has now been fixed. 23 items (some dropped out of my cart) came to 6 bucks and change. I then went back and ordered another dozen adventures or so (ones that were mistakenly "out of stock" were also fixed.) Shipping on the 2nd order was 4 bucks and change.

Even if you don't play Castles & Crusades, everything is easy enough to convert to the OSR game of your choice.

There's lots of gaming goodness to be had at a very fair price.

Here's the link. Prices are only in effect until midday tomorrow and stock is limited.


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