Friday, April 8, 2016

Kickstarter - DUNGEONMANCER the next level in forged 28mm gaming terrain

Remember Girder and Panel?

I had this exact set

That's what Dungeonmancer reminds me of.


That's the part list and cost for a Double Door.

At least Girders and Panels allowed you to build multiple types of buildings with it's hundreds of pieces.

Want enough for a Game Board?

I am not putting together something with over 600 parts...

It will take more time to assemble than it will to game.

Nice concept. Not practical from my POV.

Oh, and that tag line? Nice reference to Dwarven Forge...

(325 pieces could build an airport. 79 pieces? A double door)


  1. They appear to be able to fulfill, and able to communicate even bad news to their backers, from scrolling through the previous campaign. They have that going for them. The rest I have no dog in the hunt, I went back to "Theatre of the Mind" years ago.

  2. This is basically Hirst Arts-like pieces that are pre-cast for you... So the builds are no more challenging than anything one might build using HA molds and dental plaster. The nice differences are:

    a) You don't have to cast your own pieces.
    b) You can take the model apart and re-use those pieces elsewhere.
    c) The plastic is likely lighter (in weight) than dental stone.

    I think this is a pretty cool idea for those that like to already build Hirst Arts style terrain. It's not my cup of tea because of the time investment, but clearly there is a market for this.

  3. The again Hurst arts molds aren't 3 molds to cast a single door. That many pieces for a single door is infuriating. Especially if you have to cut them from a sprue. The Robotech figures didn't even have THAT many pieces for a single mechanical and they took an hour per model to assemble.

  4. I had that Girder and Panel airport set too. I was probably a bit too young to properly put it together correctly.


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