Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Gonna be Snowmageddon in NYC This Weekend - Time to Write (White Star / White Box)

Yep, we've got a Snowmageddon hitting tonight and lasting through tomorrow here in NYC and much of the Northeast.

Just... because

How much snow?

The National Weather Service is calling for 12-18"

The Weather Channel is calling for 15-20"

Weather Underground is calling 11-17"

Accuweather is calling for 6-12"

So, safe bet is about a foot, maybe more. And wind. Lots of wind.

Instead of running around doing errands all day Saturday, I'll be in the snow shoveling rotation and some inside house chores. Well, that and lot's of writing.

I have an idea for a short White Box adventure that I owe +Pete Spahn (well, I don't owe it in White Box format, but I write in White Box / White Star format these days, so we'll translate it later) A crashed starship, mostly buried but still containing some livestock and other, more nasty critters. Well, the livestock is no longer alive, but that shouldn't be an issue. Should be convertible to White Star for those that want to go that route.

As for White Star / StarSlinger, I'm aiming to get two more classes out this weekend, an outline of the town of Eastwood, some plot hooks and a short intro adventure. Why so much in a single weekend? I want to kick of some playtesting in a week with the "B-Team". Because for the setting to be complete, it will need to have growth from interacting with players. That, and the "B-Team" will break that which can be broken. I need that.

Alright, time for some hot cocoa :)


  1. It shouldn't, but last time the state shut them down anyway . . .

  2. Subways in the five borough run above ground in many areas.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ugh. Here in Charleston (WV) we already have a foot with snow still falling... I'm guessing 16-18" by the time it ends.

    1. About 150 miles north of you TheShadowKnows and have about 5", state of emergency hmph

    2. Ended up being 16 inches in Charleston. I just dug my car out after a snow plow came by and buried it halfway up the side.

  5. I live in the northeast, they claim we're only gettinng a dusting at most.
    Keep warm.

  6. over 16" so far at LGA

    NWS is calling for 20-25"

    Fox5 is calling for 22-30+"

    Holy Snow!


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