Thursday, July 3, 2014

Frog God Games rereleases The Wizard's Amulet for 5e

Frog God Games has rereleased The Wizard's Amulet for the newly released D&D 5e using the traditional OGL.

It's a free download and you don't even need to sign up for a Frog God account.

5th Edition Rules, 1st Edition Feel

Thanks to +James Aulds for the hat tip ;)


  1. Interesting way to get around the non-compatibility clause in the OGL. Technically, "5th Edition" isn't a trademark...

  2. Jeez I guess they want my money.

    This method for publishing content under the OGL for non-OGL editions was pioneered with 4E when Kenzer & Co. did Kalamar for 4E as OGL, followed by Goodman Games. So....nothing unusual. The power of the OGL is absolute!

    1. Oh whoops missed the "free" part. Guess they don't want my money...

  3. Bold move by Frog God Games. Pre-empting other adventure releases by even WotC! I'll have to ask Bill Webb about this at PaizoCon this weekend...

    1. On that note, FGG is supposedly planning on making a 'significant' announcement either this weekend or a little later this month. I am wondering if this was somehow a part of that.

    2. I reckon they are releasing the Lost Lands for 5th edition. Maybe starting with The Stoneheart Valley (of which the Amulet is a part).

      Damn fine move if you ask me. It's honestly the FIRST thing that have made me the least interested in 5th edition also!

      Gives me a third choice between S&W Complete and Pathfinder for my NEXT campaign which i plan to make a grand Lost Lands based sandbox (incl. Stoneheart valley stuf + Lost city of Barakus + Rappan Athuk, possibly Tsar and other things)

      I like the look of the 5th stat blocks in the Amulet write ups. They look pretty alright, and look easily compatible as-is with Castles & Crusades, Blood & Treasure or Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, which are some options i am considering for my next ruleset, that or ACKS. My players have only played Pathfinder though, but they are ready for whatever i reckon :)

  4. I hope that is not what 5e monster stat blocks end up looking like in adventures.


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