Friday, July 4, 2014

Putting Together a List of Free Resources for the D&D Basic Rules (5e)

You know those sidebars on the right side of this page, linking to free OSR rulesets and adventures? I'm going to do the same for 5e. It's the least I can do when WotC is giving us the core rules for free.

I'm trying to put together the list before I put it up, so if folks can point me to anything I may have missed, I'd appreciate it. Just add a comment below.

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules (5e)

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules (5e Printer Friendly)

The Wizards Amulet (1st Level Adventure)

5th Edition Character Sheets (WotC)

ENWorld 5e Adventure Collection

ENWorld 5e Fan Created Character Sheets

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set Maps (DM & Player)  (apparently not free)

5e Treasure Generator


  1. Hey, Adventures! Who cares what edition? ;)

  2. D & D (5e) Treasure Generator http://redkatart.com/treasure5e/treasureGen.php

    Companion to D&D http://www.codenamemorningstar.com/

  3. Awesome! I always find at least one item I wasn't aware of (often more) in all your lists. They're most useful. Thanks for doing them!

  4. Printer friendly version! YESH!

  5. It looks like the Starter Set maps are not free although my browser keeps freezing when I click on buy.

  6. http://manysideddice.wordpress.com

    Tons of magic items and adventure resources there.


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