Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale - WFRP , WH40K RPG and More

Fantasy Flight Games is having a fairly large sale with some excellent discounts on a good portion of their games.

Looks like most of the WH40K stuff is 50% off or more and some classic WFRP 2e stuff is discounted by 75% or more. Heck, some of the WFRP 3e stuff is discounted 75% or more - shame I just never could get into 3e.

Chaos Marauders is a mere 5 bucks. I can't tell you how many afternoons were spent playing this game in my college years. What a bargain. Heck, I may just buy an updated copy.


  1. You are now my nemesis for posting so much shit i don't need to spend money on, but probably will. My shelves look like a damn game store already.

  2. In for Horus Heresy, Fortress America, and several 40k books.


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