Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kickstarter - Talking About Far West (Late AGAIN) - Let's Look at Some of the "Patron Art"

Since Far West is late YET AGAIN (from the Nov 21 Update - "Completing the layout is taking me longer than I'd hoped for, due to some sort of virulent plague hitting the Skarka household. We will be ready to deliver the files to the printer (and the digital copies to you) in the next few days, though -- hopefully this weekend, definitely before the US Thanksgiving holiday next week."

Well, at least it's not "Con Crud" again.

I'm not sure how good Hershey's stuff was before he up and left the project midstream, but the above looks to me to be photoshopped - and not all that well either. BTW, that is apparently me in the green coat and red hands and orange face.

Another backer actually wanted his "portrait" to NOT be used, he was so disappointed in the results.

As for me? I no longer give a shit. When my book arrives, it will go right to the shelf along with the Myth & Magic Player's Handbook. Too much BS, too much drama and too little interest for me to care about this project at this point.


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