Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OMG! An Update From "Tom" for the Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter - 2E Reviled and Undelivered!!!

A huge update from Tom. Amazingly enough, it doesn't address the dozens of comments and posts complaining that apparently NO ONE received any of the Players Guides he claims to have shipped over 3 weeks ago. Yep, he avoids addressing the statements he made in his last update.

I suspect the following is more bullshit. I'll be happy to be proven wrong.

Update #61 - For backers only Oct 23, 2013 
Update on Shipping, Fulfillment, Rules Expansion, GMG 
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Hi there, 
I wanted to give you a monthly update. 
I made a few decisions. The first: I updated everyone who ordered a softcover Player's Starter Guide. Now, you're getting one (or more) hardcover copies of the actual Player's Guide. That's great news for you, and it actually saved me money. The second: 100 softcover Game Master's Starter Guides are due to arrive at my house Saturday, November 2.  Those of you who have one or more of these softcover GMSGs have not received your order because of that. But, I think the book is a must-have and for those that had the foresight to order it, you deserve it. 
If you fall into this category and want me to send your other books now, but are willing to pony up five bucks in a few weeks, that's fine; but, it may just make more sense to hold off. You're call.  
To my international friends: I mentioned in my September update that many of you pledged much less shipping than what the International Shipping update indicated. Not your fault. It was confusing then. It is confusing now. What I have to do now is email every international backer separately, except for like 12 of you (thanks attackx3 - you got it right ;) We'll get it sorted out. In some cases, the cost to ship exceeds the cost of the books by a wide margin, so I certainly can't front that. I am using m-bags where appropriate to reduce costs, so please know that. 
The Rules Expansion has gotten a lot of commentary. Thanks Speaker, by the way. I hope you enjoy them. Chad Sergesketter just came off a project and is now dedicated to more Myth & Magic, including the GMG (more on that below). He will be doing some BW renditions for the Rules Expansion PDF. 
GMG: Contrary to what you may believe, the GMG Kickstarter will kick in big time. I am going to try to approach that differently and by literally forgetting everything that has transpired between us here and starting fresh. The material is great and the art will be awesome. Having said that, it will take some time, a lot of time (finally, honesty) but I will take you along the journey - something I failed to properly do here. Once all the shipments here are fulfilled, this KS will be behind us and the updates will only focus on the GMG.
As always, I apologize for the crazy-ass-unacceptable-and-unforgiven delays here. The books rock, as you know or soon will know, and it will turn around. I have always sucked at communications, but never at design and I have always and will always deliver. 


  1. I wonder if anybody believes Tom. Even if he does good about the books this whole fiasco should NOT be forgotten. Sorry but he has been lying for a LOOONG time and he needs to suffer the consequences of that. But for the backers sake I hope their books arrive soon. If someone is/was willing to sell one I would be happy to buy it off you. I still like the system.

  2. Translation: I upgraded your non-existent books to better non-existent books. These will also not-ship at a later date. Please stop sending complaints to the Mass Bar association. Oh, and send me more money.

  3. It's funny how he words certain things like "as you know or soon will know". Has anyone gotten these books? I haven't heard one person step forward. His last statement is yet to be seen.. "I have always and will always deliver". OK.. We'll see.

  4. I haven't seen shit yet. I'll believe him when the book is "ever" in my hands.

  5. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me ten times...

  6. All he needs to do is post a pic of a couple hundred mailers in the trunk of his car and explain he's got no money to mail them right now due to and I would be inclined to accept such an explanation as at least typical of the industry's aspiring amateurs. But his actual post was damned evasive and only obliquely recognized the general outcry among the backers. Cognitive dissonance at its finest?


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