Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dyson's Delves in Hand! Dungeons Maps for the Win!

Yep, I had my soft cover version of Dyson's Delves delivered today (the turn around time at Lulu seems to have shortened considerably).

Holy shit but it rocks!

In case no one told you, it includes a mini-mega dungeon. No, I'm serious. The first included adventure is 11 levels deep, about a dozen rooms or so (give or take) per level and balanced from start to end for levels 1-6. I may just have to put my AD&D 1e group through it even though they are mostly level 4 - I guess blowing thru the first few levels could make them nicely overconfident. Did I mention it has wandering monster tables for the mini-mega too?

It has a total of 5 detailed dungeons PLUS 45 additional levels for you to fill in the details. I may not need to open any other adventure or map out anything else for the rest of this campaign... and the next...and the next ;)

Totally worth the investment. Even Ashley thinks so ;)

Come the New Year there should be a nice contest to announce with the help of Dyson himself. We'll probably start working on the details after Christmas. Stay tuned :)


  1. I cannot wait to get my copy. C'mon Mr. Postman.

  2. mines in the mail, even more excieted now

  3. I see someone else besides James M uses round numbers for his coins...

  4. on page 49 is see "97 gp scattered"

    i do see rounded numbers for the value of a ring and some gems, which is a convenient shorthand, and most of that stuff gets sold via haggling / at a discount.

    if the weasels were counting coins I'd be scared, as that would make them at least as smart as rats ;)

  5. Awesome! Glad you like it. I took the hardcover out to the bar this evening and showed it off to a few friends. General response comes out as "Rock the fuck on!"

  6. Awesome. I had printed out the Delves a while back and planned on using it with my group. I may just have to pick up this hard copy if it includes extra stuff!


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