Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Kickstarter That Gladly Isn't - Some Mish-Mash Transvestite Anthropomorphic Horror Solo / Group Adventure

I had this dream last night. No, really, bear with me. It was one of those dreams that your mind latches on to so tightly that you fall right back into it after that middle of the night trip to the bathroom. Except that when you fall back into it, everything is the same but different. Fuckin' dreams!

I was having Kickstarter dreams. Or dream. Or maybe it was chapters of the same dream. Someone wanted to me look over a prospective Kickstarter dealing with a transvestite anthropomorphic vampire with a solo quest type set up which was also for group play. It's been over 25 years since I last saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I'm sure that's where my subconscious was stealing bits of this idea from.

When I first woke up, the ideas to make this into a viable project seemed so RIGHT! Thankfully, the act of fully waking sobered me up, while at the same time smoothing out all the "amazingly awesome" details.

I know where much of this comes from. A shitload of Kickstarters I've been looking at. There the reboot of the Mummy RPG, there's card game and fiction book project that looks intriguing, there's the hangout last night having ideas bounced off me and giving feedback on a project and the reboot for like the 9th time of the anthropomorphic game of animals with RPGs (and I'm not talking role playing games).

Last night was one hell of a trip ;)


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