Thursday, March 29, 2012

Netflix on Demand - Lilyhammer

Netflix producing it's own "TV Series"?  No way!

yeah, apparently No Way is right.  Local company sold the rights to Netflix.

Yep, the first Netflix series is called Lilyhammer.

It's the story of a well placed NYC mobster who survives a hit on himself (but loses his dog), decided to go state's evidence and gets relocated, as per his wishes, to Lillehammer, Norway (NOT Finland ya dumb American! ;).  Hey, what can he say? It looked like a nice place when it hosted the Winter Olympics back in 1994.

Filmed on location in Norway, with Norwegian actors (the exception being our lead - Frank Tagliano played by Steven Van Zandt), this is actually a fun little series.

Alright, I've only watched the first episode so far, but I really do like what I see, and the next 7 episodes are waiting for me to watch them.  Heck, the wife really enjoyed this too (after which I put her to sleep with Ironclad).

It's funny and witty with the fish out of water show of watching Frank trying to transition from NEW York to Norway.  I suspect he's going to expect Norway to conform to him.

It's  good watch, and I'm sure some decent plot hooks to be found for those GMs running games in the modern era.


  1. Ahem...

    1 - Lilyhammer is set in Norway. In Lillehammer to be exact. But yes, that is indeed where the 1994 Olympic Games were held.

    2 - It is not produced by Netflix. The production company is Rubicon TV AS, on behalf of NRK. The North American rights were sold to Netflix.

    As a btw, there is talk about a season 2, and due to it's record numbers when it aired in Norway, the odds are good. If Van Zandt is available, what with him being busy with Springsteen's world tour and all.

  2. damn... let me correct that stuff.

    fucking americans can't find their way among their own states... apparently i've already failed at europe ;)


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