Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Netflix On Demand: Ironclad

My wife and I watched some Netflix on Demand over the weekend. When I saw she was getting sleepy, I found a movie I figured she want to sleep through anyway - Ironclad.

It's a movie taking place in England during the time of the Magna Carta.

Be forewarned, it has very little to do with actual history. If you were a history major with a focus on England and the Middle Ages you need to let yourself go and enjoy the ride. That's what I did, and it made for an entertaining movie.

You get Templars, priests, a baron, a king, angry Danes - it's almost like a Medieval Magnificent Seven. Actually, it is very much like a Medieval Magnificent Seven.

Enjoy it for the ride, not for the history. It's the same way I watch most police themed movies. I just intentionally suspend my disbelief ;)


  1. I saw this a week ago - very violent and totally worth watching. Another netflix movie I highly recommend is Black Death. It's the best WFRP movie I've ever seen.

  2. Sometimes I can suspend my disbelief as well. Depends on the show.

    Never tried NetFlix on demand, though we use regular NetFlix. Love that. Almost did a post about NetFlix this morning, but then something else came up.

    Cheers and have a groovy weekend.

  3. The assistant to the director is in my WFRP gaming group. I'm not sure he's that impressed with how the movie turned out...

    I actually think Solomon Kane is a pretty good WFRP movie, and I've got high hopes Black Death with Sean Bean that we've currently got from Lovefilm. But none of these have got any humour...

  4. Black Death was excellent. Even my wife enjoyed it ;)

  5. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who watched this on Netflix.. It really wasn't half bad! Sounds like black death is a good one too.. oh and forgive my ignorance but what does WFRP stand for?

  6. Waarhammer Fantasy Role Play - WFRP


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