Monday, March 19, 2012

72 Degrees in NYC and It's Not Even Spring Yet...

Heck, I never went beyond wearing a fall fleece jacket this winter.

Spring has been here for like 2 weeks already, if not longer, and winter never really showed itself.

Ah well, it was a good excuse to leave work early today.  Maybe I'll sit on the front porch with my cat and get some RPG reading in ;)


  1. It was 72 here in Denver last week but now it's back to the 30s and threatening to snow again. Sigh.

  2. It is 82 in Huntsville at 5:00. I dream of highs in the low 70's. I've lived in the south almost my entire life, and I have never adapted to the summer heat and humidity. But, I'm a southern man and in the south I remain. I just wish it was cooler.


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