Monday, July 11, 2011

Organizing The Disorganized Way

I really have way too much gaming material that I've accumulated over the years. More then I even realized, as I have it spread out in 3 rooms and a corner of the basement. Truth to tell, I forgot about the stuff in the basement until this past saturday. I went looking for a fan and low and behold, I found my stash of 3e gold (or fool's gold, depending on the publisher).

I also found a bag of Genesis games, which I promptly trashed (yea, I could eBay it but its not worth the hassle). I also realized my son has his computer graveyard in the same corner. I think I'll to start going thru stuff in the coming weeks. It's a good thing I just ordered a dozen office file boxes. I just need to empty out that basement corner so I can start organizing before the fiancé realizes the amount of crap I have and orders a purge ;)

I am NOT organized by nature. Surprise surprise... heh.

Still, the next stage of renovations is me putting in two rooms worth of flooring. I need to organize before I can start that, and the stuff shipped today. I can finish demolishing a closet in the heat, or I can organize crap in the cool basement. Tough one. I need room for my game collection, so I guess I do both.

I need another vacation ;)


  1. Trashed? You don't have a GoodWill or library book sale or something?

    I hear you on the need to organize stuff though and the difficulty of finding homes for all those mathoms though...

  2. Go get those out of the can, man!

    I'm running out of office space myself... something must go...

  3. Ack! I trashed them cause if i spent any time thinking obout it, i'd never get rid of it.

    that being said, probably heading to the poconos this weekend. I could Salvation Army them up there.

  4. Ah, computer graveyards! We've been doing the computer thing since 1995 and my wife's a programmer. We've got live and dead computers, all over the place. :)


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