Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google+ Invites For Those That Want

Apparently, I'm a Google+'er.  Go figure.

No idea how many invites I can give out.  No idea if you need a Google account to sign up.  Doesn't matter.

Drop an email in the comments below and I'll give them out as I can.  Should be less then 24 hour turn around as long as I have invites to give.

I think Google+ can be a handy gaming tool to handle events between sessions, and even work as a replacement for chat based online RPG sessions.

It almost makes me want to forgive Google for f'n up Blogger this week ;)


  1. Actually, I really want to check this out. dmkastmaria (at)gmail(dot) com

  2. I'm digging on Google+ and thinking much the same as you are about its usefulness for between game time :)

  3. Thanks for the invite...rwolski@somd.net

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the invite. stanshinn@gmail.com.

  5. I'd appreciate an invite.

    dprzybyla (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I'll give it a try - thanks.

    Studio Arkhein at the mail of the g.


    - Ark

  7. I'd like to try it out. cats (dot) teacher (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. sent 6 invites out so far - we are covered up thru bob.

    no idea how long google takes to actually pass it on.

    guess we will find out ;)

  9. Tenkar, I got a couple myself and have no idea what it is or what it means, but send one my way.

  10. I want to check this out, try me at williamjdowie at gmail dot com.

  11. I would be very careful folks...the problems we are having is because of their integrating services into Google+

    And if you are not into Myspace or Facebook type social networks you might want to give it a pass.

    Also there are no private profiles allowed on the system after July 31st either and that leaves one open to hacking, constant bombardment by every 2 dollar rock band wannabe and bad advertising.

    I am hoping they don't make it the entrance to things like Blogger because there is not enough money in the world to get me into the social network time suckage scene. I watch my wife deal with that enough.

    As I said the other day blogging IS my social network :)

  12. This is what I was afraid of:

    Pro (and Con): Google+ Is Everywhere

    Google SVP of Social Vic Gundotra told Mashable that the company named its social platform Google+ because it’s designed to be an extension of Google. The plus sign is just a small addition to the Google logo because the search giant wants people to think of Google+ as just Google.

    As part of that initiative, Google+ is on every Google product. Google+ notifications appear in Gmail, Google Docs and almost every Google products. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up on YouTube sometime in the future, either.

    Most people seem to like that Google+ is accessible no matter where they are, but some have expressed their reservations about it. Some people don’t want their email and their search to be social in any way. The result is that the ubiquity of Google+ has created a sharp divide:

    “It’s everywhere. Checking mail, G+ is there, Addind calendar entries, G+ is there.” ~ Patrik Björklund

    “G+ is nearly ubiquitous. It’s present across all the google tabs I keep open anyway.” ~ Rob Michael

    “I work in Google. I don’t need an annoying thing at the top of the page telling me that I need to go do something. If I wanted that, I would head over to plus.google.com and see.” ~ David Aronchick

    “I use Gmail and Google Reader a lot and with Google+ I get notifications, can comment and interact with my circles, without leaving the Google tool I use at this time. I call this efficient!” ~ Jan Firsching

    “Cons: Integrates with the Google ecosystem.” ~ Ciro Villa


  13. @ADDG: This whole Google+ thing is too much for me. I'm migrating my efforts over to Tumblr. The next step for me is to dump the internet completely and just have make email newsletters.

    Every 'social' feature of things seems to wind up another moving part to take up valuable time, IMHO.

  14. Eh, I'm in Facebook and check it about twice a month.

    Google+ seems much less annoying (so far) and much easier to group folks up as you want them.

    If social networking isn't for u, definitely pass on it.

    For me, I do my PnP RPGing online these days, and this looks like it might be a nice tool for doing such.

    Invites from overnite and this morning and afternoon should go out this evening when i get home from work.

  15. I'd love to check it out too.
    mschelsky (at) gmail(dot)com

  16. alright, laslo and jagatai should have invites coming

  17. Hey Tenkar - For some reason, I never did get an invite - perhaps I typed my email address too weirdly for it to find me. I received another invite from a friend so I'm in. Thanks for trying - and where the heck are you, anyway? :) I've got the same name in blogger as in Plus, btw. Oh, with a Studio at the front. :)

    - Ark

  18. Hi,

    I would like an invite if you still have any. jbaney@gmail.com

    thanks in advance.

  19. Tenkar,
    I'm way late to this party, but if you've still got an invite, I'd love one: dr (dot) ducker (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. long time reader, first time commentard (actually not true... I have done some Anon's from time to time but it's an amusing line to open with) :-)

    Yeah, bit of a necro I'm afraid.

    I've followed you blog for quite some time including your steps into G+. Personally I've never been one for FB/Twitter/G+ but I read a great blog yesterday -> http://www.chubbyfunster.com/blog/2011/11/23/thankful-for-google/

    Ok, it takes a while to get to the point but when Chubby Funster makes it (you've got to give extra XP just for the name!) I thought "hmm, this guy is spot on". So, gawd damn it, I'm on G+ now too.

    Can you add me to your circle, I'm "Chivalry and Sorcery" which comes up as quickly as a search result on G+

    Hugs and kisses (it is valentines after all)


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