Saturday, July 3, 2010

Villains and Vigilantes - New and the Same

I'm sure you've already heard the Villains and Vigilantes has been redited and reformated with new artwork from co-creator Jeff Dee. 

Strange thing is, V&V missed me in its first incarnation.  Not that I didn't know about it.  My gaming group back in the 80s was always torn between V&V and its random chart charactrer generation, and Champions' "lets set a session or two aside to create some heros... point based... advantages... disadvanages... tweaking...mixing... arghh".  The few times we decided to try a Supers game, we defaulted to Champions.  I think we ran one session of gaming amidst all the sessions of character gen.  So sad.

I've often wondered if  we had chosen Villains and Vigilantes instead, maybe we would have gotten past character generation and actualy gotten to play a bit.  Now I can give it a shot and find out (although I do have one hugely anti-supers player, so we will see ;)


  1. I played a bit of V&V back in the 80s and really enjoyed it. It seemed to run fairly smoothly. We set the campaign in our hometown, although we did skip the part of basing your character off of your real life attributes. There may have been a near fist fight over assigning one another strength and intelligence scores.

  2. we tried that for a d&d game. dint get past the first character ;)

  3. Played V&V a bit back in the day, it was alot of fun.

  4. This is the first time I've given the rules any sort of a read through. I like what I've seen so far.

  5. Have you and your group had a chance to play a game yet?


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