Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gathering of Fools

Looks like the Spring / Summer Gathering of Fools - (aka my old gaming group) will fall on the last Saturday of this month. It's also right near my birthday. The lads better take care of the old man ;)

The heat here in NYC in right there in the unbearable range. Not that it would have kept me from gaming at the back yard table in my younger years, but these days give me A/C or don't even think of gaming / gathering or anything.

Heck, even the A/C at work can't keep up with the heat, and they are all new centralized cooling units.  Can you tell I don't much like the heat?

At least it's a short work week. 

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  1. You know we actually have several months that are this hot in the southern states....

    Maybe we are tougher than you panzy yanks....


  2. Yeah, well, we can drive in snow and sleet w/o shutting the state down ;)


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