Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thoughts and Random Crap

It's still hot.  No, I don't like heat.  That is why I live in the North East.  Hopefully this heatwave ends and I can get back to thoughts of games, books and dice.

Got my hard copies of the Dresden Files RPG 2 Volume set today.  Holy crap but those are big books.  They might go out as gifts as I have the PDFs, but they are certainly a beauty to behold.  I just stumbled across the TV series on Netflix on Demand last night... I'm getting psyched... now to find a game ;)

Probably will have a short review or two up for tomorrow.  Depends on how the day progresses and if I can get any reading done during lunch tomorrow.

Stay cool.


  1. Love the Dresden books, so I'm gonna have to get these!

  2. I did the hardcover / pdf preorder. The PDFs are awesome on the iPad, but the books are awesome and huge ;)


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