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Tell us About Your Favorite BBEG

Big Bad Evil Guys... or Gals.  We all have our favorites, whether it is Darth Vader, Sauron or Lex Luthor.  The media may change, but we all have our favorite baddies.  Here's your chance to share your favorite with others.  It could be from movies, fiction, comics, a game module or a campaign you played in.  I wanna know.  Tell us why he rocks.

Besides, everyone that posts gets a chance to  a single copy of Dragon Warriors RPG from RPGNow. 

Yep, I have a copy to give away, and one lucky random poster will get it.

Get your posts in by 6pm eastern time Sunday, July 11, 2010.  The winner will be announced by 6pm on July 12th, and probably a lot sooner.

The ongoing contest is still in effect.  When we hit 40 Google Connect Friends, one lucky random friend gets a PDF copy of Fantasy Craft.  Prizes at 50 and 60 friends also.

So, who is your favorite baddie anyhow?


  1. My favorite villain is a green dragon named Azzakarino. He is a personal creation of mine.

    About fifty years ago, Azzakarino was traveling the realm when he heard about the small duchy of Oxencairn on a tiny island of Oskarl far out in the northern sea. The rumors that they were looking for experienced woodsmen to beat back a wild untamed wilderness caught his attention. He made his way to this island and discovered that the duchy was limited to a small cleared plain on the southern end. The rest of the island was dominated by a huge old growth forest and a crescent of peaks along the northern spine called the Dragon's Back. To his delight, no other dragons called this land their home.

    After scouting the area thoroughly, he descended upon the humans with a vengeance. When they held a council of great warriors to discuss how to kill him, Azzakarino heard of the plot while blending in with the populace in a polymorphed form. He surprised the gathering and in a single blow crushed the only hope of resisting him. Seeing his fate in the cards, the Duke surrendered.

    Azzakarino imposed a light census tax that must be paid every year. A single silver coin for every soul in the duchy. He enlisted the Duke's men to collect the tax. Furthermore, he demanded that all trade with the outside world must be done through a single port and he imposed a considerable tariff on imported goods, along with demanding to personally review every single shipment that arrives. Smugglers caught trying to evade this law faced death on the high seas. After a few ships disappeared beneath the waves after having their hulls dissolved by Azzakarino's acid breath, resistance to this policy evaporated as well.

    When the PCs arrive on the island, Azzakarino personally inspects the ship they arrive on. He is loud, crass, and in your face. He asks a lot of questions. He is suspicious and paranoid. He makes himself known as the big bad right away. The problem is opposing him. With a starting group of PCs, they stand no chance against him in open battle. So early on, he serves as simply an extremely evil government with powerful reach. The GM is encouraged to have Azzakarino show up at annoying times to do annoying things... like seize a magic weapon recovered from an abandoned temple. After all... it is HIS island....

    Eventually, the PCs should attempt to kill him. If they fail, well then their next party will have heard the legends of the fools who tried to take him down. If successful, the duchy dissolves into a brutal power struggle between rival noble houses. There is no clear "good" leader to support. The PCs must choose a side. Then the real fun begins....

  2. Nice! This should be a nice thread to mine ideas from.

  3. Two that my brother DMed stand out.

    1) The Big Boss. He was an orc warlord who was quietly raising an army while we were 1st level and eventually began to conquer the region we were campaigning in. His underlings always just called him "The big boss" so we never figured out his name. He often rode a giant boar, and carried two magic swords -- a flaming sword and a scimitar of sharpness. We never directly engaged him in hand-to-hand although the party constantly ran into his scouts, war parties, and servants causing trouble. If the campaign had lasted no doubt ther's have been a mass battle.

    2) Gleep Wurp The Eyebiter. Obviously (?) his name was stolen from the 1st ed. Rogue's Gallery, but in our current C&C game he is a an evil, tyrannical wizard. We knew he was working with the Goblin king, who provides him with soldiers, tax collectors, etc. When we demanded fifteen humans, or fifteen human hearts (for a peryton breeding program, no doubt), in tribute from the village our PCs had been based in, we evacuated the town and tried to fortify to resist him. We expected a horde of goblins and a wizard. Instead, we discovered Gleep Wurp was in fact a beholder, or maybe had turned into a beholder. A tiny, vestigial fetal human was hanging off on side of the thing, giving the appearance that his head had swollen into a beholder and the body withered away. Some scraps of fine silk clothes were still on the body. Needless to say we beat a hasty retreat after one eye used telekinesis to threw a man-at-arms from the battlements of a tower, and another disintegrated a portion of the town's walls. Luck for us he moves rather slowly-- at least slower than our horses.

  4. Chong Wahng - Thrall of Orcus

    Male human Ftr6/Wiz3/Thrall of Orcus/4

    CR 12; Size M (5 ft., 10 in. tall); HD 6d10+6 + 3d4+3; 4d8+5 hp 85; Init +3 (+3 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 18 (+3 Dex); Attack +15/+10/+5 (+4 Str) melee, or +13/+8/+3 (+7 Base, +3 Dex) ranged; SV Fort +11, Ref +7 (+3 Base, +3 Dex), Will +9 (+5 Base,); AL CE; Str 18 (+4), Dex 16 (+3)(14), Con 12 (+1),(14) Int 16 (+3), Wis 10 , Cha 11 (+0).

    Skills and feats: intimidate +6 Balance +6.5 (+4.5 Rank, +2 Dex), Bluff +5 (+5 Rank), Climb +13 (+9 Rank, +4 Str), Concentration +8 (+7 Rank, +1 Con), Handle animal +9 (+9 Rank), Hide +7.5 (+5.5 Rank, +2 Dex), Intuit direction +3 (+3 Rank,), Jump +6 (+2 Rank, +4 Str), Knowledge (arcana) +11 (+8 Rank, +3 Int), Listen +6.5 (+4.5 Rank, +2 Alertness), Move silently +3 (+3 Dex), Perform +2 (+2 Rank), know. religion +11 (+8 Rank,), Ride +6.5 (+4.5 Rank, +2 Dex), Sense motive +5 (+5 Rank,), Spot +3 (+1 Rank, , +2 Alertness), Wilderness lore +2 (+2 Rank);

    Alertness, Enlarge spell, thrall to demon, cleave, Point blank shot, Precise shot, Quicken spell, [Scribe scroll], Track, powerattack, Weapon focus (katana, lichloved. Deformity.- obese, evil brand, sacrif. Mastery.

    Carrion stench – dc 15
    Touch of fear 3/day
    Demon wings

    Tongue studs of hellfire
    Bracers ac +5
    Katana +3 keen
    +20 / +15 / +8

    1d8 +7 dmg

    Wizard Spells Known (4/3/2): 0th -- Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance. 1st -- Charm Person, Feather Fall, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, truestrike. 2nd -- Ghoul Touch, Knock, See Invisibility.

    Chong Wahng was a warrior from Feudal Japan, who went through an inter dimensional portal, with his brother, in search of their missing father.

    His brother, Hashimi, a Samurai/Kensai was a Player character in the campaign. The brothers were separated during their dimensional jaunt and didn't see each other again, for many years.

    Hashimi's new home, became a battle-ground for extra-planar forces, as the various sides sought to gain control of the Rod of Seven Parts. Certain parties wished to use it, to free an Undead God from its imprisonment. (The Epic Handbook version of the Atropal.) Others, wanted to prevent this.

    The characters became embroiled in the struggle and soon found themselves at odds with the minions of Orcus. During a confrontation at a warehouse, Hashimi was reunited with his brother, Chong Wahng! Now grossly fat, evil and seeking the two parts of the Rod, which the PC's held, Chong had been keeping tabs on the party and manipulating them, for a while. They had also met and fought his Vampire girlfriend, on a couple of occasions.

    After much scheming, backstabbing and fighting, as well as various attempts by Chong to convert his brother to his cause, the party finally killed the Vampiress and captured Chong, taking the part of the Rod he was carrying. Though they left him alive, Chong was eventually slain by the forces of Hell, his master having abandoned him, due to his failure.

    Chong had, on occasion, dropped hints to his brother of bigger schemes and that Hashimi was more of a pawn than he realized. Several months later, during a raid upon a secret society which was performing some work for hire for their foes, the party stumbled upon a room of sealed containers, which contained several Clones of Chong Wahng. They had been heinously, experimented upon and where no longer human. Hashimi never discovered, whether or not the Thrall of Orcus, which he had been interacting with, was a Clone of his brother, or the original. Nor, if there was any truth to the more disturbing implication, that he himself, might be a Clone.

  5. mike: I like Gleep - did something similar myself back in the day

    james: now that's one heck of a detailed write up - very cool

  6. WOTC. They scare the bejesus out of me! Pure evil.

  7. I would say it was another PC, Arnos. He came in later in the campaign and he knew I was looking for this evil temple that house a couple of artifacts (I didn't know which ones). We finally get to the temple. My guy is battling creatures while Arnos finds the room that houses the Hand and Eye of Vecna. I finally bring down these guardian creatures and my guy is on his last legs when Arnos appears at the top of the stairs armed with both artifacts. I was out of throwing daggers (my guys specialty and first one to use unearth arcania specialization rules). Then I remembered I had a magic earring that could turn into a dagger. I rolled a nat 20 and survived the fight with 1hp. It was a blast.

  8. ...and the thread is now closed. I'll give dogredo credit for WotC, if only for the snicker factor. gives us 5 entries.


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